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Namvula Rennie @ Open The Gate

Girl with Tub - Namvula Rennie

There’s been a fair bit of African photography on show in London lately. Nigerians Behind the Lens (now finished) and Reflections on the self (still going) both featured some brilliant examples of photographers getting to grips with societies in transition, as well as the sticky business of looking and being looked at. Next up are a selection of images from photographer Namvula Rennie‘s travels in Sierra Leone, Zambia and elsewhere, currently on show at Open the Gate gallery in Stoke Newington. The exhibition is called In Light, In Shadow, and forms part of an artistic programme supporting the venue’s explicit aim to “promote African & Diaspora Cultures”.

The show continues until 6th April.

Sun-Thurs, 12-12
Fri-Sat, 12-2

Open The Gate
33-35 Stoke Newington Rd, London
N16 8BJ