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Richard Butler Bowdon @ Mere Coincidence project space, P1 Studios

Here’s a show crossing three continents: Cape Town-born, Melbourne-based artist Richard Butler Bowdon is having a one-night-only exhibition in London. Bowdon has a strong working connection with members of the African Diaspora now resident in Australia, particularly those from South Sudan/Sudanese refugee backgrounds. In this show, ATAVISTAFRIC : 1# : The Albion Reduction, he explores and expresses his various links with Africa through painting, collage and sculpture.

In his own words :  ‘Like a looped beat in a hiphop track, Africa is a refrain that continues to enter and exit my life serving to inform, expand and enrich my practice’.

Show: Thurs 30 Aug, 6-9pm

(phone/text 07766165958 for entry code)

Mere Coincidence? Project space,
P1 Studios,
Taylor Place, Payne Road, London
E3 2SP