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I am Sara. The new editor of African Art in London, now that Evelyn has moved to New York City.

I’m London born and based and forever interested in exploring African art as a way of learning about ‘back home’ cultures. A consummate practitioner of that first generation trick which is: to find ways to always feel connected even though you are once removed.

This blog has been a little quiet lately mostly because I’m still gathering sources and working out the best way to keep information moving, hopefully it’ll get really loud soon. As well as continuing to plug what’s happening in the capital, I also want to have more discussions about what’s going on. This means profiling artists, interviewing curators, reviewing shows and whatever else it takes to make this space more expansive and interactive for fans of African art in London.

If you ever have any ideas or think of something relevant to contribute please e-mail

Author: africanartinlondon

Art from Africa, or by or about Africa or Africans, in London...

2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Hello Sara ! *applause* In a hurry to see your next articles ! hope you will think about relaying infos/events on the africanartlondon twitter account !
    keep it up !

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